As a 100% family owned company, Anita has invested in and fully owns its many production sites. These sites are operated under strict regulation, ensuring quality standards are always exceeded, and that staff are working under excellent conditions. Further, materials are sourced from quality European suppliers with whom the company has cultivated strong long term relationships.

The brand is one of the most popular at our Chatswood and St Ives stores. As part of Elleran’s commitment to post breast cancer lingerie fitting, we also stock Anita’s breast prosthesis and post surgery bras. The range is highly functional and of exceptional quality, designed using soft fabrics to ensure maximum comfort and meet customer needs following their surgery.

As confidence is key in the recovery period, Anita bras feature a specific post surgery design including a higher cut and an elastic neckline in order to securely contain the breast prothesis post breast cancer treatment. All post surgery bras are equipped with breast form pockets made of a soft cotton fabric which feels natural and gentle on the skin. They are also designed to include a deeper underarm area in order to conceal any scars and allow for a comfortable lie on the skin.

In order to carry some of the weight of the prosthesis, Anita post breast cancer lingerie includes larger, padded straps. The wide ergonomically fitting underbustband encourages free movement and the centre of the mastectomy bra sits deeper on the body to ensure adequate separation of the breast and breast form or prosthesis.

The design and form of Anita post breast cancer bras reflect a deep commitment to quality and attention to detail. With a wealth of experience and made from luxurious fabrics and materials, the design team at Anita must  successfully balance function and form, colour and style, bands and edging and beauty and comfort.

Following a challenging period in a woman’s life, the simple act of fitting lingerie to a new body shape can be overwhelming. Many women may take some time to adjust to their post breast cancer body; finding an attentive fitter that fits a quality mastectomy bra and prosthesis can be one of the first positive steps towards a full recovery of the mind, body and spirit. For this reason, the qualified fitters at Elleren are proud to offer Anita post breast cancer bras and breast forms to our post surgery clients.

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