Men’s Guide for Lingerie Gifts

Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays – all wonderful opportunities to give a really special gift to the woman you love. If you’re brave enough, or have great advice from an expert, lingerie is the perfect way to show your appreciation for a girlfriend or spouse. Well, breathe easy boys – the experts at Elleran Lingerie have come up with a Men’s Guide for Lingerie Gifts.

Get Her Size

This seems obvious but it bears repeating. It doesn’t take an expert to recognise that you can’t win by getting your partner a lingerie set that is too small or too big. And while you probably don’t want to get caught going through her underwear draw either, its worth getting the size right to ensure your gift is perfect.

Remember Who You Are Buying For

Your taste and hers might be completely different – but if you are buying for a loved one its   her opinion that counts. Notice the underwear she loves to wear; many women have a favourite bra, often because its the most comfortable. If you your gift to become a favourite, notice the detail on this bra. Is it a full cup or half? Lacy or silky? What are the straps like? You don’t have to get her something too similar to what she already has, but a successful gift will be one she feels most comfortable in.

Be Open Minded About What Lingerie Is

What men and women consider to be lingerie is often very different. Your gift doesn’t necessarily need to include garters or racy undergarments. Body briefs, corsolets and simple bra and brief sets make beautiful gifts for the lady in your life. Stick to what you know she loves and will be comfortable in.

Listen to the Experts

If all else fails, consider asking an expert. The fitters at Elleran Lingerie have sold hundreds of sets of lingerie to women of all shapes, sizes and tastes and can be a great help in gift giving.

2017 Trends in Lingerie For Every Bra Size

This year’s lingerie trends are all about embracing your body whatever your shape or bra size. Fuller lingerie options rather than a bra and brief set are in style, channelling fashions from another era.

Curvy lingerie couture combines effortless chic with a sensual twist, making women of every bra size feel confident and beautiful. Accentuating womanly features is a trademark of Spring fashion on overseas runways whether you are an A cup or H and Elleran Lingerie has some beautiful pieces that work for every body type.

In fitting with this theme is another 2017 trend that further emphasises the beauty of the female form. Full body lingerie like corsolets, bustiers and body briefs are on trend this year, working to highlight the elegance and beauty of every bra size. Quality brands and luxurious products are the order of the day at Elleran, transforming women of every bra size from the everyday in their external clothing to an easy glamour underneath.

Following the same motif of body affirmation, comfort is a priority this year, with breathable fabrics making a comeback. Sports bras are front and centre of this trend and Elleran has every bra size covered here too.

Whatever your taste, whatever your size, inner beauty is the theme in 2017. Curves are embraced, beautiful full figure lingerie is a must and comfort reigns supreme.