Amoena Bras and Breast Forms

Amoena was founded in 1975 by Cornelius Rechenberg, and is the first company to introduce revolutionary breast form innovations for breast cancer survivors. As industry leader, the company combines technology with luxurious comfort, offering an extensive range of bras, swimwear and breast symmetry products. The product lines match the needs of every woman and in particular, every breast cancer survivor post masectomy.

With a focus on innovation and product design, Cornelius continued to research ways to update the manufacturing process in order to create a form that felt more natural. Since its inception, Amoena has been dedicated to a woman’s overall wellness post mastectomy surgery, with a view to being a companion on their journey through breast cancer survival. Cornelius was the first in the industry to design breast forms using silicone and in 1984 he introduced a 2-layer breast form with a firm silicone ‘ring’ on the underside which stabilises the form within the bra, creating a new shape that more accurately reflects the anatomy of a woman’s breast.

Because of the continued commitment to producing a more natural feeling breast form, Amoena’s world-leading innovation has resulted in a long history of patented materials, products and manufacturing methods. All Amoena post mastectomy bras have the same texture, look and feel of a breast.

Amoena pocketed bras, breast forms and partial shapers are able to combine fashion fit and comfort that support a woman’s lifestyle post mastectomy. Close physical contact will not divulge the breast form beneath your lingerie, and the shape and contour of the bra restores natural shape. Breast forms are held securely, helping survivors feel confident about the way they look and feel. As surgery techniques for breast cancer and reconstruction evolve, women are able to demand more from their breast forms and breast form fitted bras.

Manufacturing is not the only way Amoena supports breast cancer survivors post mastectomy. Designing with intentional care, supporting relevant breast cancer charities and a strong and responsive social media presence, the brand endeavours to be a lifelong companion. Pushing the limits of scientific discovery, Amoena conducts extensive wear tests to ensure customer comfort, ease of use and suitability to different surgery types and lifestyles. The company also undertakes to be a responsible environmental steward across the wider market place, reducing its carbon footprint on a global level and working for others to do the same across their industry.

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