Much of the focus around breast cancer is on surviving – and rightly so. However, reaching the post surgery phase of recovering from breast cancer presents its own unique challenges. Survivors are confronted with a new body as well as new medical and physical requirements, and often the less tangible aspects of recovery can be overlooked. Body image is complex, and even those of use that haven’t had a significant alteration to the body we are used to can suffer a crisis of confidence from time to time – breast cancer, not surprisingly, can complicate a survivor’s sense of self esteem.

Post mastectomy bras and bra fitting can be a hugely important part of breast cancer survival for many patients. For women that elect not to undergo breast reconstruction following their surgery, breast forms and well fitted lingerie are a key part of their recovery. Most lingerie stores cannot provide this type of support, which requires not only specialised stock but also qualified post mastectomy bra fitters. Sizing and fitting the perfect breast form and selecting from a range of lingerie which accounts for post surgical drainage, scarring and wounds is a specialised skill. The breast form must look and feel natural, and be weighted appropriately in order to restore a woman’s confidence post surgery.

Fitting and bra selection are obviously front and centre – but rebuilding a customer’s body confidence is not just about breast forms and prostheses. Our quality certified post mastectomy bra fitters are sensitive to the needs of the customer in every way. We understand that the science behind the perfect post mastectomy bra fitting is fundamental to a patient’s recovery, but it should not overshadow their need to reclaim their femininity.

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