Six to eight weeks post breast cancer surgery is the best time to visit a post mastectomy fitter. It is best to see a trained fitter who is familiar with different manufacturer products and has completed a manufacturer based education program to fit both prostheses and post mastectomy bras. Qualified fitters, like those employed at Elleran Lingerie, understand which products and brands will work best for different surgery types and circumstances.

Elleren Lingerie is passionate about offering customers complete privacy and discretion, particularly  post breast cancer. Your fitter will do an initial assessment and assess the skin condition at the site of the mastectomy.  This is to ensure there is no drainage or open wounds at the incision – if there are, they will need permission from your physician before proceeding. Next, the fitter will determine the correct bra size by taking measurements at particular points on the chest wall and near the rib cage. They will then offer a post mastectomy prosthesis recommendation which best reflects the shape and drape of the existing breast. For women that have lost both breasts, the fitter will make suggestions for a prosthesis that is flattering to the patient’s body.

There is a wide range of prostheses to select from – symmetrical, asymmetrical, tear drop, triangle, heart shaped and more. Once the correct prosthesis is chosen, the fitter will drape a piece of fabric over the patient to show them how she looks with the chosen products. Annual visits to a qualified fitter are recommended.

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